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The company was founded in February 2004 and transformed into a GmbH about two years later (in January 2006).

Our main business is document-management and output-management. Our output-management tool of choice is FormScape, which can be programmed clearly and efficiently due to its graphical user interface.  Additionaly, it can be extended easily with our customer-preferenced objects, which provides a simple possibility to connect the different software-compunds.

For longtime storage and archive systems we offer Docuware which has proved its efficency and price/perfomance ratio.

DocStudio is our first choice for the distribution of documents.

In our capacity as official partner of microsoft we also offer all available microsoft products.

Of course, hardware like servers, PCs, notebooks and printers can be purchased from the FS Consulting GmbH.

We hope, you'll find what you are looking for and look forward of hearing from as one of our customers.


Alexander Sack (CEO/Chairman)


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FS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
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